A Book for Every Child with Spina Bifida

Right Under My Nose. A Book for Children with Spina Bifida.

By Claire Austin, MPhil and Stacey Mizokawa PhD, Illustrated by Matthew Bates

Right Under My Nose is a wonderful book created specifically for children with Spina Bifida.  It follows a little boy with SB as he tries to decide what to take to show and tell.  Once he decides to take his favorite stuffed animal that has the same scars that he has, he takes the opportunity to teach his class about his spina bifida.  In my opinion, every child with spina bifida should read this book!  The pictures are adorable and the language is easy to understand.  I believe that it lays out a wonderful example of a young child who lives a very independent and happy life.  He is pictured playing the violin, brushing his teeth, putting his own pajamas on, shooting a basket, and even changing his own diaper.  I also noticed a lot of fiber in his breakfast.  =) The book also gives your child with spina bifida a great example of how to answer questions about his/her condition.  I highly recommend this book!

Best of all it is FREE to read or print online at www.myspinabifidabook.org.  The website also includes online and printable activities and tips.

Meilani K.

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