A Good Distraction

On an unexpectedly long day at the Hospital I discovered a great distraction for our 5 year old.  They are called Sticky Mosaics.  They are a mess-free craft that has the power to keep kids hands and minds busy during a lot of wait time.  I found a small set at the gift shop at Primary Children’s.  But since then I have seen Sticky Mosaics in the toy section at Smith’s Marketplace; in the Kid’s Craft section at Michaels; and online. My daughter’s favorites are the “Sparkle Mosaics” (fairies, mermaids, etc.).  After we had such success with one, I went online and bought a bunch that I just keep in my closet.  Then on days when we are going to the hospital I just throw one in my bag.

These would be a perfect distraction at SB Clinic for any child (boy or girl) from ages 4-10.

Meilani Kongaika

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