Utah SB Board & Committees

We invite any interested in advancing Utah Spina Bifida’s mission to get involved. We are all volunteers and are always looking for additional help on the various committees. Travel is not necessary in many cases. We look forward to hearing from you.


Board Chairs

Ryan & Ashley Pedersen

Assistant Chairs

        Natalie & Jeramy Daley

Finance Committee

Roger & Ilene Hall

Clark Ruttinger

Communications & Membership

Joel & Meilani Kongaika

Blog Writer

Meilani Kongaika


        Joann and Mark Spencer

        Aaron & Amy Bentley

        Marci Clegg

       Matt & Millie Killpack

       Jerry & Bea Stewart

       Emma-Lee Mudrow

       Chelsey Paz

       Celsey Bodily

       Isa & Collin Porter

       Miriam William Mann

       Ariel Gilstrap

       Sandy McAvoy

       Regina Miner

       Jenny Buckingham

       Matt Doxey

Primary Children’s Hospital Advisor

Paula Peterson

Primary Children’s Hospital Representative

Nina Goldstein