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Looking for ways to modify your home and make it more accessible?  The Hall family recently built an accessible home.  Ilene shares how an organization called ASSIST was useful to them.

ASSIST Inc is a non-profit Community Design Center that provides architectural design, community planning and development assistance to non-profit and community groups, and housing and accessibility design assistance to low income households or persons with disabilities.  ASSIST was founded in 1969 by the Graduate School of Architecture at the University of Utah Society of the American Institute of Architects.

They have a great guidebook to the accessible home which gives practical designs for home modifications and new construction.  They were very helpful when we build our accessible home.  The book gave us guidelines to help us plan for our roll-in shower and assisted us with other accessibility features we incorporated in our home.  They looked at our homes blueprints free of charge and gave us some valuable advice to make our home even more accessible.  We have gone to in-services given by them and they can be a valuable resource for us as we look to make our homes more accessible or if we are building a new accessible home.

For more information go to: Under the tab called “Accessibility Design,” scroll all the way down and at the bottom to download the complete Guidebook.  The Guidebook has a lot of simple ideas for ways to make your home more accessible.

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