ALL ABOUT ME (and my shunt)

Book Review: ALL ABOUT ME (and my shunt) by Terri Rice Bellush

I found this short review online: A young girl, Janet, talks about her shunt and how it keeps her feeling well. Colorful crayon illustrations and simple language make this a perfect story for a child with a shunt, to explain shunts to siblings or classmates.

I have bought this book and highly recommend it to all young families dealing with shunts.  Our daughter with SB is only 17 mos. old, so we will have to wait to share it with her.  But I have read it to my 8 year old and 5 year old.  They both enjoyed the style of the book and it gave us a lot to talk about.  They both came to understand their sister’s hydrocephalus and shunt much better.  I can also imagine that if it comes time for a replacement shunt (knock on wood), we would pull this book out again as the start of a conversation and explanation.  – Meilani K.

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