Disability-friendly Playground in West Jordan

Last week, Lily and Ada had a play date at the Veteran’s Memorial Park in West Jordan.  The playground was built next to a disability-friendly baseball field as an accessible play area.  There were a lot of nice features that made play fun for the girls in and out of their chairs.  Take a look! Click any picture to enlarge.

This is a feature that rocks back and forth.

The smooth baseball field.

These little seats spin around.

A wide ramp up to part of the playground.

My least favorite feature was the slides.  They are very tall and not as accessible.

Below are two videos of my favorite feature at the park.  Enjoy!

There isn’t much shade at the park, so I recommend going early or late in the day.  You have to drive around a one-way circle to find it.  Just watch for the baseball field and you are there!

Veteran’s Memorial Park – 1985 W. 7800 S., West Jordan, UT

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  1. Bea Staley says:

    Thanks for these pictures.. we are looking to build a disability friendly playground at a school for children with physical disabilities in Kenya. Any other playground ideas or resources would be most appreciated! Bea

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