Edwin Oba Wins National Award

Wheelchair Tennis coach, Edwin Oba (who has spina bifida) received an award from the United States Tennis Association recently. Read the following ARTICLE from the Salt Lake Tribune on Utah’s own Coach Oba!


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  1. Regina Miner says:

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Dean ! You and your family are such a great gift to my daughter Aimee and our family.The opportunity she is getting to participate and see how much it does to help her believe in her self and her developing talents is so much JOY to our life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A VERY WELL DESERVED award ! I am so happy for you and your blessed family. Keep “builiding” !!! Aimee is so anxious to get started again this new season and break in her new wracket she got for christmas! See Ya all soon!!!
    Regina and Aimee

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