Gold’s Gym Wheelchair Tennis Activity – A Positive Experience

One of our families sent us a letter about an event they participated in last month.  Read about their positive experience and hopefully more families can participate the next time this is offered!

In March, Gold’s Gym in Orem offered a Wheelchair Tennis Clinic (we sent out an email about this event to our email list).  The event was advertised as follows:


Tennis sportschairs for youth and adults are available – RSVP by March 17 so we can arrange for appropriate equipment. Wheelchair tennis coaches and USTPA Tennis Pro’s will provide all equipment and instruction. All levels of ability are welcome. You can learn the fun and exciting sport of Wheelchair Tennis!”

Dear USB Families,

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know about the “Wheelchair Tennis” event that was held at Gold’s Gym in Orem a few weeks ago.  It was a great event, so worth our time!  We went as a family, with our child, a 9 year old girl, reluctant to participate.  We “pushed” her just a little to get her out of her comfort zone and get some activity into her life.  The organizers of the event were so kind and helpful.  There was a one on one ratio of helpers to participants, chairs for those who didn’t have one for sports, and refreshments.

It was a two hour event.  The organizers focused on the participants and their ability. They would throw the ball from close range giving ample opportunity for success.  They focused on racket and ball control.  Then, once comfortable in this area, they moved on to hitting the ball, then on to serving the ball.  They spent adequate time in each area.  There was lots of positive reinforcement to keep up the enthusiasm.  All of the helpers are wheelchair sports enthusiast with their own disabilities.  Our “reluctant” child had a great time and the next time it is offered in the valley we will try to be there.

The Lynn Spencer Family

Here is a big thank you to the organizers for offering this event, and hoping for more Utah county activities in the future.

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