Great Ideas from Moms Who Know

Our Mom’s Night Out evenings turned out to be really fun and helpful! Take a look at some of the great ideas shared at our Mom’s Nights.

Home UTI tests: One mom does her own UTI tests at home.  Her daughter regularly gets UTI’s and she found that being able to test her urine at home saved her a lot of trouble.  She spoke to her pediatrician first and made an agreement that when her home test was positive she could call in.  The doctor would then send in the order to the lab.  Then she simply would just drop the sample off at the lab.  No co-pay necessary.  No dr. appointments.

This mother bought a roll of test strips at her local pharmacy/supply store.  The other necessary supplies are sterile cups and sani-wipes.  Both can be bought at the pharmacy.  I asked my local pharmacist for some test strips and he suggested a very reliable home test that comes with three in a box.  Here is a picture of that home test.

Dixie Cups: One mom suggests keeping dixie cups near cathing supplies.  This way, if a diaper is clean and dry you can cath into a cup and save on diapers.

Cathing Mat: When our children get too big for the diaper changing station in the public bathrooms what do we do? One mom suggests using a folding mat on the floor of the handicap stall.  These mats are usually sold at Back to School sales as kindergarten or preschool napping mats.

Foot Weights: One mother created her own foot weights to help her son learn how to walk.  Her son walks without any aid.  When he was learning to walk, he struggled with feeling grounded to the floor.  So his mother made two little beanbags filled with steel bb’s (very heavy).  She velcroed them to the top of his soft shoes and they were very helpful for him.

Home-Made Scooter Board: Scooter boards can be very helpful for young children to get around on the floor.  We tried two different boards with little success when our daughter was learning to pull herself around.  Two problems occurred.  First her arms would bump into the sides of the board.  Second the boards didn’t carry enough of her body.  So I love this home-made scooter board that one family created.  It solves both problems that we experienced.  Their daughter used it until she grew out of it, then they built a bigger one.  The surface of the scooter board is soft and it dips a little bit, to help hold the child’s body comfortably.



Fiber Gummies: We are all trying to help our children get a good amount of fiber in their diet.  One mom suggests using these Fiber Gummies.  Her daughter takes one a day.  Consult with your doctor before using this supplement.

Ditropan Options: One of the mom’s groups talked about Ditropan.  There was a lot of discussion about some of the side-effects.  One mother felt that her son overheated sometimes because of the ditropan.  So they switched to using the extended release pill.  This appeared to help.  Dry-mouth and throat were also discussed as a common side-effect.

Latex Precautions: Another mom’s group discussed latex precautions.  All of the moms in attendance agreed that they settled on a handful of things to avoid with latex.  Outside of this short list, they try not to worry too much about it.  :)  Here are the things they try to avoid: cheap diapers with latex (huggies are safe), latex balloons, latex gloves (especially at the dentist), bandaids, latex bottle nipples and pacifiers and cheap rubber balls (not sure if this is really an issue, but some avoid them just in case).  Everyone agreed that balloons are sometimes the hardest to avoid, but we make our best effort to avoid contact with them.

Books: One of our moms has a great supply of children’s books related to special needs.  Watch for her upcoming book reviews on our blog!

Watch for more parent support group events in your area in the future!

*** As with anything concerning you or your child’s health, consult a health care professional before implementing something new into your/your child’s care.  Spina Bifida affects each individual uniquely and thus the care must be tailored to those individual needs.  This blog introduces ideas and shares discussions, but is never meant to replace the advice or the instructions of a doctor, therapist or any other professional.


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  1. Melanie says:

    Thank you for sharing the tips from all the Moms Night Out. It was nice to get together and hear from experienced moms. I look forward to the next!

  2. Sondra says:

    Do you have instructions for the scooter board you made? I’d like to make one for my daughter and can’t find helpful directions. Thank you!

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