Hippotherapy has been a wonderful experience for our daughter Rose, who has spina bifida.  When she was born five years ago, we began participating in Early Intervention immediately.  We moved to Utah County shortly after she was born, and when she was 2 ½ we had an opportunity to sign her up for hippotherapy at Courage Reins in Highland.  Hippotherapy is physical therapy in which a patient sits or lies on the back of a horse for the therapeutic effect of the horse’s movement.  The therapy improves muscle tone, balance, posture, and coordination.  The horse’s pelvis has a similar movement as that of a human pelvis.  Being mounted on a horse provides a physical rhythmic repetition similar to human walking.  Rosie’s balance, gait, trunk strength, and overall confidence have improved tremendously over the past few years.  Rosie has a special love for horses; she loves to help brush them, feed them, saddle them up and go horseback riding.  She doesn’t even know that it’s therapy.  Today, Rosie not only walks, but runs, and we would recommend hippotherapy to anyone who has spina bifida.

Lucy F.

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  1. meilanik says:

    I love her smiling face in the picture. She obviously loves to be on that horse. Thank you for sharing. I would like to give my daughter the experience when she gets a little older.

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