How do you make cathing more convenient?

I have two daughters who need to be catheterized four times a day.  One obviously has spina bifida.  The other has had serious enough bladder problems to have a stoma placed (we cath through her belly button).  I would love some ideas on how to make cathing more convenient, especially on the go.  Please respond with your tips!  I will start the conversation with a few of mine.

Starting to catheterize a new baby can be very stressful.  One thing I found very helpful was to have a changing table with all of the supplies nearby.  I never had a changing table for my other babies, but having one for Lily has been invaluable. That changing station continues to be a great convenience for me today.  At our cathing station we have diapers, wipes, a big hand sanitizer bottle, a tube of lubricant (we buy the cheap walmart brand), a plastic cup (for catching urine when diapers look clean and dry), and a clean catheter.  For a time we had a musical mobile that hung over the table that served as a nice distraction.  It was worth having until she started pulling on it.

My diaper bag has also been another central location for cathing supplies.  When Lily was small I found it helpful to create packets of supplies.  This way when I was on the go, I would just pull out the packet and all of my supplies were ready to go for me.  A sample packet is pictured below.  Included in each ziploc are: two diapers (always good to have a backup diaper), one catheter, one travel pack of lubricant and one plastic bag (to put all of your garbage in).  I always have hand sanitizer and wipes on hand as well inside my diaper bag.

My five year old will have to start cathing at school in the fall.  Any ideas for a good carrying case for her supplies? Any other ideas for making things work at school?

Thanks, Meilani K.


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  1. Lucy F. says:

    Hi Meilani,
    I was thinking that a plastic pencil case with a small handle, or zipper could contain all her cathing supplies, would be discreet, and can be tossed into her backpack. The 504 should allow her to use a private restroom, where she could also have a small supply kit in a box or basket.

  2. Meilani K. says:

    Thanks Lucy. For now we have bought a small Hello Kitty purse that can fit in a backpack if needed. The long catheter has to be folded once, but it works. The 504 idea is great (using the private restroom). Does anyone else have things they have included in their child’s 504 plan that was helpful? It doesn’t have to do with cathing either.

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