Keeping skin protected while swimming

Skin protection can be a major issue at the swimming pool (or at the beach).  Depending on a child’s ability and level of feeling the methods of protection may vary.  Here are a few ideas that some parents shared at our last pool party.  Have a great summer and stay safe!

We just bought one of these wetsuits for our two year old, Lily.  She tried it out for the first time last week and loved the freedom she had to pull herself around with her arms in the zero entry areas.  The wetsuit is going to get pretty beat up, but it definitely keeps her knees from getting scraped up and bloody.  We just put tall athletic socks over her feet and they worked great.  The wetsuits pictured above are very affordable.  Take a look at them here:

Another family shared how they help their son to protect his skin.  They use coban (pictured above).  This is a wrap that sticks to itself.  It works very well in the pool.  Just wrap it around the knees starting above and go all the way down below.  Just be sure to buy coban that is latex-free.    It is should be sold everywhere.  I have seen it at Target.

Many families use water shoes.  The feet seem to get roughed up the most, by accident in the pool.  Even when carrying an infant with spina bifida around the pool a parent can accidentally rub their feet along the sides by accident and cause unwanted scrapes.  There are many kinds of swim shoes and water socks out there.  Some parents complain that the swim shoes can easily fall off.  Does anyone have a favorite shoe that has worked well for them?  Is there one easier to get on the foot than another?

Another parent shared how her daughter stays protected with tights.  She just puts on a regular pair of white tights under the swimsuit and it does the job great.

Any other ideas for skin protection in the pool?  Share a comment or send your idea to

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