A Great Opportunity to Encourage and Enjoy Your Child’s Development

Have you heard about Kindermusik?  Kindermusik is a music and movement program for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, accompanied by a parent or caregiver.

From the kindermusik website: In class, you play, listen, sing, move, dance, and giggle with your child. It’s fun. Lots of fun. But the best part – your child will be learning and developing skills along the way. Each of the activities is designed to stimulate your child’s brain, strengthen developing neurons, build gross and fine motor skills, enhance social-emotional development, and much more.

My daughter Lily and I take kindermusik classes and we have had such a positive experience.  I often worry that because she is unable to move as independently as her peers, that she will fall behind in some areas of her development.  I want to give her every opportunity to grow and develop normally.  So we are trying to take a pro-active approach to everything we do with her.  Kindermusik, for us has been one very successful part of that.  Through Kindermusik Lily has been able to socialize with other children her age, explore and become more aware of her body (including her feet and legs and toes, which she can not feel), learn sign language, develop her speech, and much more.  I highly recommend kindermusik to anyone looking for a way to stimulate growth and development in their child.  I have also taken all of my other children to kindermusik classes and enjoyed the experience greatly.  Our teacher in Bountiful is possibly the best out there!  Click here for more info. on Miss Anne.  The following is info. I found on the kindermusik website for Miss Anne:

Kids and Keys Music Studio: 760 East Hills Dr.Bountiful, UT 84010 US, (801) 295-2458

Don’t take my word for it!  Here are the words of two more SB Moms in our support group who have also enjoyed the benefits of kindermusik:

“Our daughter has been in Kindermusik for over two years and has absolutely loved it. We were a little nervous at first because we had heard a little about the program and knew there would be a lot of movement (dancing, hopping, walking etc…) but knew that Kindermusik would teach our daughter to love music and learn through music so we were willing to try. The teachers have been absolutely amazing. If there was a part of the class that required the kids to jump, hop, dance, walk, stomp etc… they were so good and considerate to always give us an alternate way to move. For instance, instead of hopping to the beat with your feet they gave everyone the option of hopping to the beat with their fingers. If the class was walking or dancing around in the circle, the teacher gave anyone the option of sitting and participating inside the circle. These actions have made us feel so comfortable, so included and we know our daughter has learned so much through the music and movement that Kindermusik provides.” – Amy, Ada’s Mom

Go to to take a look at Ada’s teacher in SLC.

“When we lived in Alaska I found out about Kindermusik, and enrolled my two oldest boys. From that positive experience I wanted my other kids, including Joshua who has Spina Bifida, to be apart of such a developmentally appropriate program that offers social interaction, learning, and fun. Joshua loved Kindermusik class. He and I attended the Family Time Kindermusik class together which was a positive experience for both of us. I helped him move around the room, and loved to hear his singing voice and see the big smile on his face. I went on to become trained and certified as a Licensed Kindermusik Educator. I loved facilitating the Kindermusik curriculum, and watching the children’s positive interactions through music. I would recommend Kindermusik to every child, especially children with Spina Bifida.” – Katrina, Josh’s Mom

Interested in trying out a class?  Contact a teacher near you, through the Kindermusik Website, and try a free trial class!  I also have heard that Kindermusik has been offered for free through Kid’s On the Move in Utah County in the past.  It’s worth looking into, if that is something available to you.

Meilani K.

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