Learning to Sit

Learning to sit …a process that requires so many parts of the body to work together. I never realized all that it takes to learn to sit up. For some it takes more time to learn to sit independently than others. For Emylie she began to sit without support around 15 months and mastered it by 18 months.

For Emylie her Bumbo Chair helped. Her physical therapist had a tray that attached to the chair so she could play while she was in the chair. As she advanced we cut off a little bit of the top of the chair so it offered less support and allowed Emylie to advance a little more. Once she outgrew the Bumbo Chair and needed less support we used a Boppy Pillow. We would gradually move the pillow a little further back, again allowing Emylie to do more work. From there we would take the pillow away for short time periods when we could tell Emylie was getting tired. Eventually we were able to remove the pillow and now she sits independently. She is still progressing on her trunk strength and we are working on rotating exercises.

What helped your kiddo learn to sit? – Melanie P.

Sitting up in the Boppy Pillow.

An example of the Bumbo seat with the tray attached.


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  1. Meilani K. says:

    Our little girl used both the bumbo seat and the boppy pillow to sit. I think both are worth having and using.

    One of the main things we learned with sitting is that our daughter needed two kinds of sitting practice. One kind of sitting is an uncomfortable, working, practice kind of sitting. This sitting requires a parent nearby usually holding the child as low on the trunk as possible. Then the child can practice using their hands and trunk for stability. The other kind of sitting is a supported sitting. This is useful for a number of reasons. First of all in supported sitting a child can focus on cognitive and other development. Second of all the child can play comfortably and alone while mom does the dishes or whatever. Third they can become used to being upright and therefore find motivation to be upright on their own.

    We used two other kinds of supported seating. One is a big highchair that Michael Workman fixed for us on a home visit. He added extra padding especially tailored to our daughter’s body that allows her to sit very comfortably and focus on eating and playing. The other seat is kind of hard to find, but was my favorite item. It is a seat called the “Summer Infant Lean on Me Activity Bolster.” Search it on Google and you can find it quickly. I can’t find a site that has it in stock. But I found mine on the KSL classifieds. I have also seen one of them in a Kid to Kid store. This supported seat is flat on the ground and squishes the child’s legs together and forward. The pillow around supports the child completely so they can play freely and comfortably on the ground. Our daughter spent a lot of time in this and it was very worth having.

    Meilani K.

  2. Meilani K. says:

    I have been looking online a little more and did find a product that looks just like the Activity Bolster I wrote about. Click on the link below to see it on amazon.com. It is called “Kids Preferred The World of Eric Carle Caterpillar Bolster.” Take a look.


    I hope the link works.


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