Meet Morgan

Morgan Mudrow was born April 1, 2013. He is our third child with an older sister and brother that adore him so much!! We found that Morgan possibly had spinabifida while dropping off a tree to the festival of trees (to benefit primary children’s.) Little did we know we would rely on their expertise so many times in the near future. Born 5 weeks early we welcomed Morgan with tears of joy and anticipation-only Morgan did not great us with a cry. He had to be immediately resusitated and we were later told he has paralyzed vocal cords-they don’t know if it’s due to the hydrocephelus or just something he was born with-he struggled to breath with the striders he had. After a long two months in the NICU my husband and I were approached with the decission to have Morgan trached or not. We were told that was probably the only way he’d come home to us, so with all the faith we could muster we agreed. Morgan came home to Ogden, UT a week shy of three months in the NICU. He is thriving now and is our mighty miracle. We can’t wait to see what his future holds! We will embrace every minute we can have with him.





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