More Seating Ideas!

One family in our support group suggests a great idea for seating that works for their daughter.  Although their daughter is six years old, she is very small for her age.  So when sitting up to their dining table she could not reach the surface properly.  Her mother found a great product that brings her right up to everyone’s level.  It is called the Kaboost. Take a look at pictures below.  Or look at the product on the Kaboost Website.

What other booster-type seats have you found useful?  Share with us!  Email your idea to

Another idea came to our family a little late in the Winter, but it’s still worth sharing and saving for next Winter!  We had been looking for a fun way for Lily to experience the snow and finally settled on trying this pull-sled.  The great thing about it is that it has such a tall rounded back support.  Lily is two, but her brother who is four and sister who is six tried it out and enjoyed it as well.  This is not meant for sledding down a hill, but for being pulled around a flat surface in the snow.

Any other ideas for helping children with spina bifida enjoy the snow? Send your idea to


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