National Park Pass for the Disabled

Summer is right around the corner.  Some of us may be considering a visit to one of our National Parks.  Did you know that the National Park Service has passes available for people with disabilities?  Read what the Wright family shared about these wonderful passes:
“This pass, called an “Access Pass” is free of charge and allows admission to all national parks as well as BLM (Bureau of Land Management) property and National Forest Service lands free of charge.  We have lived only 2 hours from Yellowstone for ten years and were unaware of this pass.  It was while planning our trip to Arches that we discovered this.  A yearly pass to all national parks costs $80 — do the math, that is a significant savings.  Upon further investigation, I was told all we needed was a doctor’s letter confirming the person was disabled or statements from disability if that is received.  They do not keep this information on file, they just need it to confirm the qualification of the applicant.  The pass is good for the life of the participant as I understood it.  This will allow our family of 8 to enjoy the many sites in and around Wyoming and Utah.  Camping on BLM or at a Forest Service campsite is only charged half with this pass.”
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Cyndee Wright, mother of 14 year old with spina bifida


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  1. Katrina says:

    I just got an access pass for Josh a week ago. It was super easy, and took 10 minutes. In Utah County you just go to the Ranger station (that’s what I call it, not sure the official name) on 100E in PG. Don’t forget your proof of disability (doctor’s note, medicaid card, or SSI statement). They are real nice, and Josh even left with some stickers, pins, etc.

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