Physical Education (P.E.)

As school begins, we welcome new challenges for our children. One of the more difficult challenges can be how to handle P.E. or Phyisical Education.  No matter if a child uses a walker, canes or a wheelchair, some anxiety can be expected for both parent and child.  How can we work with teachers and staff to best help our child participate and have fun?  What can we do to keep our child from being put on the side-lines?  The following is a link to an informative and helpful article through  The article is entitled: How to Integrate the Special Needs Student into Physical Education.  One of the things emphasized is that we as parents need to look at how to modify, adapt or change things to work with our child’s needs.  I hope it is a helpful resource.

Have any of you had good or bad experiences with your child in P.E?  Please share!

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