SB on ABC: Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Season 8, Episode 12 of Extreme Makeover Home Edition aired January 2, 2011 and featured the Grommesh Family of Moorhead, Minnesota. Ten-year old Garrett has Spina Bifida and is full of enthusiasm for life. His parents established Hope Inc, a non profit that provides fun health and recreation for children in wheelchairs. From ABC.COM:

“Garrett Grommesh is a young boy who is paralyzed from the waist down. Think that’s enough to stop this truly remarkable kid from doing great things? No way! Garrett’s place would be fine for anyone who didn’t need a wheelchair. So, he wants to pay it forward and give his house to the family of one of his classmates. Told ya he was remarkable!”

If you missed the inspiring episode, here is ABC’s link to the full showing. Enjoy!

You might also enjoying seeing Garret in school via a news clip from WDAY News:

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