Shriners Hospital – An Excellent Resource for Children with Spina Bifida

There are only 22 Shriners Hospitals in the world and Salt Lake City is blessed to be home to one of them. Shriners Hospitals are dedicated to give specialty care to children with needs in Orthopedics, Burn Care, Spinal Chord Injury and Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate. The care given is free to families. Income is not taken into consideration. Acceptance is based solely on the child’s medical needs.

Many of our families have discovered the great resource that Shriners Hospital is for their children. Listen to what two families had to say about their positive experiences with Shriners.

“Our experience with Shriners has been wonderful. Their knowledge, support, and concern, is just what my son, Davey, needs. When he was born, he had club feet. Shriners weekly club foot clinic is professional and takes care of Davey’s ongoing needs. They also performed an extensive hip surgery to create a left hip socket and put his hip in place. The surgery was major and I had concerns. So I consulted with other doctors at Primary Childrens. They confirmed that the surgery would benefit Davey and encouraged me to do it. We stayed at the hospital for five days and Davey was in a spica cast for three months. Because of his surgery, he has much more hip support and balance than before. Shortly after the three months of casting, Davey seemed like he was in a lot of pain. We took him to Shriners for ex-rays. The doctor tenderly told me that Davey had broken his leg. She put her hand on mine as my eyes welled up. Every doctor we have worked with there has great bed-side manners.

Shriners has also been our source for bracing (DAFOS) and wheel chair needs. We are currently using a loaned wheel chair from Shriners that was specially tailored to fit Davey. We wanted to try one out before making a big purchase, and they were happy to accommodate.

Their staff is professional and very personable. You are assigned a care coordinator who helps with scheduling and any concerns. Any child with spina bifida can receive medical help from Shriners. You don’t have to be below a certain income level to qualify. As of the past year, Shriners started submitting claims to insurance if you have it. But Shriners will cover any additional costs/copays that aren’t covered by your insurance. Davey doesn’t qualify for any kind of government financial assistance, so Shriners has been a financial blessing for us. Although we have insurance, copays and deductibles add up!” – Millie Killpack

“We have been going to Shriners for 5 ½ years. In that time, we have had positive experiences with our daughter orthopedic needs. Our orthopedic is very easy to work with and shows genuine care for our daughter. We have also seen the same orthotist for that duration. He makes our daughter braces. He is very informative and communicative in dealing us and our daughter. They have many patterns to choose from, for brace design. It makes it hard to pick sometimes. We have also used the Physical Therapist. This past June our daughter had surgery at Shriners. Everyone we worked with from pre-surgery to post surgery was great! They have been very helpful and supportive in more ways than one. We have never received one single bill from them.” – Sandy Mc Avoy

As an additional story of interest, click here to read about how the Ruttinger Family (in our support group) was able to work with Shriners to help their son, Ethan receive an adaptive bike.

If you are interested in finding out more about Shriners Hospital click here: or go directly to the Salt Lake City Shriners Hospital Site to get more local information:

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