Swim Party in Review

Thank you to all who attended our annual swim party! The evening turned out to be a success despite messy weather.  The night began with dinner and visiting.  Paula Peterson and Michael Workman from PCMC both were in attendance.  Following dinner, the sports wheelchairs came out!  Adults, teens and children took turns trying out the chairs.  Then as people made their way over to the indoor pool (yes, we moved the swim party indoors because of rain), the tennis net went up and play ensued.  Thank you Dean and Trish for bringing the wheelchair tennis!  It was a hit.  :)  Swimming went for two hours at the Murray Rec. Center and all had a great time.  It was awesome to see the wheelchairs, walkers and arm crutches abandoned on the side of the pool!  I wish I took pictures of the swimming!  If you took any pictures at the pool, please send them in and I will post them.

If you missed this year’s swim party, come next year!  It is always a great event for families including all ages.

Recognize this guy?  Mike Workman was there helping with the wheelchair tennis.  He and Lily had a short visit.

Wheelchair Tennis!

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