Thank You to BULA!!

Sione Pouha, Founder and CEO of BULA and two of our members at the 4th of July 5k Walk and Roll.

The Intermountain Spina Bifida Support Group would like to thank BULA for their donation of $2000!!

BULA hosted a 5k Walk and Roll Fundraiser for our group this past 4th of July.  The fundraiser was well attended and great fun for all involved.  Click here to see pictures from this wonderful event.

Jacob Kongaika, Manager of BULA shares, “We feel so proud to be able to give to this awesome organization.  We wish these families all the best and hope that our contribution will help their important work and we invite other organizations to do the same.”

The Intermountain Spina Bifida Support Group is a non-profit organization run by parent volunteers and funded purely by donations.  We feel extremely grateful to companies like BULA who see the value in what we do.  One of our greatest goals as an organization is to connect families who are touched by spina bifida.  We create these connections through regular activities (free to the families), education nights, and mom’s nights.  We also encourage support and connections through email, phone calls and our website/blog.

Family connections can be so important when raising a child with spina bifida.  Sometimes parents can feel alone in their struggles.  Meeting with other parents provides opportunities to share and support one another in ways that only another spina bifida parent can.  Children with spina bifida also gain a great deal of self-confidence and support when they come together and see that they are not the only ones using walkers, wheelchairs and braces.  Siblings are also positively affected by our activities.  They are able to see that there are other families dealing with similar challenges.  They receive great perspective and feel very comforted by being with other people who live like they do.

So many of our families are under financial strain due to medical expenses.  We feel committed to offering our activities free of charge.  Thanks to businesses like BULA we are able to continue to do so.

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