Living with Spina Bifida section

One of the sections of is entitled, “Living with Spina Bifida.” This section features videos from the Spring 2010 activity, “Transition into Adulthood Begins in Infancy,” hosted by the Intermountain Spina Bifida Support Group and the Spina Bifida Clinic at Primary Children’s Medical Center. Parents and specialists guide you through transitions from birth through adulthood. […]

How do you make cathing more convenient?

I have two daughters who need to be catheterized four times a day.  One obviously has spina bifida.  The other has had serious enough bladder problems to have a stoma placed (we cath through her belly button).  I would love some ideas on how to make cathing more convenient, especially on the go.  Please respond […]

Meet Emylie

Spina Bifida. Something I had heard of but really hadn’t until I was pregnant with my daughter Emylie. I was about 18weeks along when I found out that my baby might have Spina Bifida. When I first got the call from my doctor regarding my Maternal Serum Blood test results I immediately knew something was […]

Meet Lily

This is Lily. She was born with Spina Bifida. We found out she had spina bifida when I was five months pregnant during a routine ultrasound. She had hydrocephalus, the Arnold-Chiari Malformation, bilateral club feet and an opening in the spine that started at the level L1. She was born by c-section at the University […]