Parents Expo at Shriners

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More Seating Ideas!

One family in our support group suggests a great idea for seating that works for their daughter.  Although their daughter is six years old, she is very small for her age.  So when sitting up to their dining table she could not reach the surface properly.  Her mother found a great product that brings her […]

Feeding Issues in Young Children

By Joel Manwill, Occupational Therapist Frequently, babies and children with a history of reflux or GERD or other gastro-intestinal issues begin to have food and/or feeding aversions. The severity of these aversions can range from being a little picky sometimes to downright refusing all foods and requiring nourishment via feeding tubes. The following information is […]

Three Helps for Eating Delays

Some children with Spina Bifida can experience struggles with eating.  Our daughter is eating quite well now, but she went through a long period where she could not tolerate most kinds of foods.  I remember being concerned at her first birthday party about letting her taste the icing on her cake, knowing she could possibly […]