Ideas for toddler/preschooler age seats

Two families share their ideas for independent sitting as a child gets into the toddler/preschool stage. The Parker family suggests the Bilibo.  Their daughter Emylie (2 years old) just recently got one and they are loving it!  Her mom shares, “I found this on the toys r us website. I got it for Emylie thinking […]

Disability-friendly Playground in West Jordan

Last week, Lily and Ada had a play date at the Veteran’s Memorial Park in West Jordan.  The playground was built next to a disability-friendly baseball field as an accessible play area.  There were a lot of nice features that made play fun for the girls in and out of their chairs.  Take a look! […]

Shopping for a walker

One of our families needs to buy a new walker for their 5 year old daughter, Grace.  Before buying, they would like Grace to try each walker to see which is most comfortable for her.  The two choices recommended by Mike at PCMC are the Nurmi Neo or the Crocodile.  She will be needing a […]

Getting A Wheelchair

Our daughter Lily is 18 months old.  We recently took her to Shriners for a Wheelchair consult and ordered her first wheelchair (pink of course).  We had such a great time watching her try out their test chair.  Take a look at a little video clip we took of her.  She caught on to the […]

A great idea for some summer fun!

Our Movie Night Under the Stars turned out to be a lot of fun for everyone.  Thank you to the Thornley Family for all of their hard work in putting the event together.  Also, thanks to everyone who came. During the evening, I noticed a very cute little guy named Josh riding a Plasma Car.  […]

“Everybody’s different, and different is good.”

KSL Reporter Kathy Aiken reports: Spina bifida is a birth defect in which the backbone and spinal canal do not close before birth. Sandy resident Ryan Nelson has it, but it hasn’t slowed him down. The sophomore from Brighton High School is one of the top wheelchair athletes in Utah, and a highly-ranked tennis player […]

How do you make cathing more convenient?

I have two daughters who need to be catheterized four times a day.  One obviously has spina bifida.  The other has had serious enough bladder problems to have a stoma placed (we cath through her belly button).  I would love some ideas on how to make cathing more convenient, especially on the go.  Please respond […]

Learning to Sit

Learning to sit …a process that requires so many parts of the body to work together. I never realized all that it takes to learn to sit up. For some it takes more time to learn to sit independently than others. For Emylie she began to sit without support around 15 months and mastered it by […]

Adaptive Mall

I have been looking for a big latex-free ball recently and found a great website that sells them called  The balls are made of vinyl.  Check them out here. While on the site I discovered a great service that Adaptive Mall provides.  It is called Kiddie Pool Equipment Funding.  Basically you can create a […]