Keeping skin protected while swimming

Skin protection can be a major issue at the swimming pool (or at the beach).  Depending on a child’s ability and level of feeling the methods of protection may vary.  Here are a few ideas that some parents shared at our last pool party.  Have a great summer and stay safe! We just bought one […]

Great Ideas from Moms Who Know

Our Mom’s Night Out evenings turned out to be really fun and helpful! Take a look at some of the great ideas shared at our Mom’s Nights. Home UTI tests: One mom does her own UTI tests at home.  Her daughter regularly gets UTI’s and she found that being able to test her urine at […]

Medical Bracelets

Have you ever thought about getting a medical bracelet for your child? Medical bracelets are a great way to communicate a medical condition quickly and effectively.  One of our families (in our support group) decided that the medical bracelet was a worthwhile option for them.  Their daughter with spina bifida wears her bracelet on a […]

Adaptive Mall

I have been looking for a big latex-free ball recently and found a great website that sells them called  The balls are made of vinyl.  Check them out here. While on the site I discovered a great service that Adaptive Mall provides.  It is called Kiddie Pool Equipment Funding.  Basically you can create a […]