More Seating Ideas!

One family in our support group suggests a great idea for seating that works for their daughter.  Although their daughter is six years old, she is very small for her age.  So when sitting up to their dining table she could not reach the surface properly.  Her mother found a great product that brings her […]

Ideas for toddler/preschooler age seats

Two families share their ideas for independent sitting as a child gets into the toddler/preschool stage. The Parker family suggests the Bilibo.  Their daughter Emylie (2 years old) just recently got one and they are loving it!  Her mom shares, “I found this on the toys r us website. I got it for Emylie thinking […]

Learning to Sit

Learning to sit …a process that requires so many parts of the body to work together. I never realized all that it takes to learn to sit up. For some it takes more time to learn to sit independently than others. For Emylie she began to sit without support around 15 months and mastered it by […]