Utah Parent Center

As a new parent of a child with a disability I am just beginning to get experience and to learn.  Everything is new.  And most people in my circle of friends and family have no experience to draw from in helping or advising my husband and I.  Many times, so far, I have thought to myself, “I am sure there are other parents out there like me who have been in my same position.”  I have wondered how I can connect with these experienced parents.  Our support group (Intermountain Spina Bifida Support Group) is proving to be very helpful to me and my family in this respect.  Recently though I have discovered another resource that appears to me to be invaluable.  It is the Utah Parent Center.  The UPC is basically a group that helps experienced parents to support and teach less experienced parents of children with disabilities. This is done over the phone, through meetings, newsletters, workshops and more.  There are so many things we have to learn from other parents who have “been there.”  This resource is a valuable asset to us!  Take a look at the site here: www.utahparentcenter.org.

Have any of you ever used this resource?  Has it been helpful to you?  Share your experiences, please.  :)

Meilani K.

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